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3.5 Hr Combo Onsite-Energy Session & Remote  Shamanic Reading

3.5 Hr Combo Onsite-Energy Session & Remote Shamanic Reading

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3.5 Hour Remote Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Counseling secured with $450.00 nonrefundable fee. This is a TWO part On-site Energy Healing session and then a Remote solo practitioner journey, then a direct client live/recorded conference call. 1st Part- 1.5 Hour Onsite Energy Healing session from Practitioner. We will discuss then your questions for Remote Shamanic Reading.  Practitioner does remote shamanic Journey on client’s behalf. All that is needed in advance from the client is the question, goal or purpose. My remote journey is typically 1 hour, then we meet to share the information. Last & 2nd Part- is the 1 Hour pre-Scheduled remote/joint telephone call with client for Practitioner to provide Journey/Spiritual Counseling feedback. If a mutually convenient direct connection is not possible, an recorded summary will Be provided ASAP to clients provided email address. Remote session allows a individual’s physical presence is not required, for Shamanic Journey; but wants to Access Suzanne’s skill set to use the ancient aboriginal techniques of tapping into the collective consciousness on Your behalf.After retainer deposit confirmation, client can text or email their initial question, goal or purpose for the reading and confirm part 2 time option for you to receive Shamanic Journey information on the issue at hand- whether personal, financial or health focused. To manage your expectations on what to expect reading wise....Sometimes the answers are practical and straightforward. Other times- not so much! So be open and be prepared for the unusual - often allegorical answers just for you and symbolism that May hit home for you in that very minute or often-later in your week, month or years ahead depending on relevance of your question ;)Spiritual information is often interesting in nature!Notice Disclaimer:Only minimum 1 day advance cancellation of appointment offers a “reschedule option” to carry over your fee Deposit. Please plan accordingly 💫All ideas, suggestions or experiences offered to client by Suzanne, are offered in goodwill and as a good Samaritan only. Client takes full/sole responsibility for his or her Life~Spiritual actions and outcomes-Before, during and after session.Notice Disclosure:If it’s going to be, It’s up to THEE!Give yourself Full- Credit for it ALL👍💫***This is a Combo Onsite & Remote Session***

  • Cancelation Policy

    Thank you for understanding that All services are time sensitive. We reserve a one day in advance cancellation policy that allows you to reschedule your appointment without need of new deposit 💜 Otherwise All appointment deposits are non refundable, please schedule accordingly 💫

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