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5 Hr Shamanic “Timeline Shift”

5 Hr Shamanic “Timeline Shift”

This 5 hr PRIVATE onsite session is for both the curious and courageous soul seeking dynamic results by learning a very powerful spiritual tool. This session teaches you how to positively shift your future life experiences. It’s all about frequency! The experiential session starts with learning more about Shamanic Journeying, followed by 3 key journey processes to clear any undesirable negative patterns. First - “Point of Creation” Journey to unveil critical causation points that appear to have forged habitual patterns or recurring unfavorable life events. Next, a resolution - a “Timeline Shift” Journey bringing the preferred Timeline’s frequency into your auric field. Completing the process is a meeting with your “Spiritual Masters/Angelic Guardians” Journey. This closing journey aims to transmute and integrate the transmitted information of the first 2 journeys. Simply put, All healing is Self Healing. When we know better, we DO better. These unique series of Journeys help to reveal previously hidden insights, at a soul-chosen time in order to proactively expand your consciousness. Common Take-aways are new meaningful insights, clarity on tangible action steps for the next phase in your life journey, along with several handy, unique self-directed spiritual tools. My goal is that you leave with more refreshed and confident that “you got” this New Year with more ease & joy! So be open💫 for the Amazing to unfold! Helpful session instructions sent upon final registration.

  • Cancelation Policy

    Thank you for understanding that All services are time sensitive. We reserve a one day in advance cancellation policy that allows you to reschedule your appointment without need of new deposit 💜 Otherwise All appointment deposits are non refundable, please schedule accordingly 💫

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