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“Waves of peace, love, Compassion. A pressure on my nose and thoughts of family, forests and ornithology. Thank you”


"As if the setting wasn't peaceful and healing enough with its serene lighting and organic smells, Suzanne's ability to focus in on my deepest need at that moment in time facilitated the healing of years of suppressed emotion. Thank you for guiding me in that release which enabled me to get that much closer to my true essence and The I AM "


“It was a relaxing soothing hour time out of self care. I highly recommend”


Suzanne’s ability to focus on my deepest need at the moment-was impeccable. Not only was the location ideal but the whole setting was warm and inviting. I had never been for a session before for any healing arts session and Suzanne was so patient with all of my questions. I can not wait to go back for another session. A bridge to peacefulness…


I knew Suzanne was gifted. It was confirmed after she did a reading for me. I was thrilled when she agreed to try and reach my husband. I gave her a few questions and she hit all points positively. These questions were part of my life over 60 years ago and all persons involved were gone. Not only did she contact my husband, two other persons showed themselves to her. I am so pleased with the results of this reading.

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