Get ready to glow, maybe even grow inside and out with more ease, joy and glory! Visit One11 Energy Healing by Suzanne @One11 Art to nurture your divine spirit, enhance your wellness, and take your Self Healing to the next level. Suzanne is trained in several ancient Energy Healing Modalities to include Reiki Mastership, Shamanic Traditions, Healing Touch Practitioner, Access Consciousness Therapy and is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek. Suzanne’s unique process utilizes a combination of all of these energetic healing technologies in your private session. Clients remain dressed while on a massage table, covered with a blanket. The setting is relaxing and comfortable. During session many times Suzanne receives supportive spiritual messages and images. If requested, she’ll utilize this information for spiritual life coaching. Suzanne’s clients find her Energy Healing Services as a powerful tool that helps their self healing processes. Everyone is truly welcome and can find benefit.




“Waves of peace, love, compassion. A pressure on my nose and thoughts of family, forests and ornithology. Thank you”

Brian Freer, CEO/Creative Director Tusk Creative Agency/Artist 


Energy Healing Offerings

Designed for You


Select an Hour or Hour & half session of time. Our Energy Healing sessions are a fantastic way to help you on the path to your higher self or self healing. This service is either done onsite at One11 Art Healing Studio space or remotely with several session time options. Enjoy a minimum of feeling more relaxed, connected and perhaps a better nights sleep. Just this kind of experience baseline can help your body and mind host more self healing. With clients that are open to this, frequently they experience profound spiritual insights or receive helpful spiritual messages from Suzanne.  That kind of information may contribute to expanded awarenesses, alignment and self renewal that will bring greater joy and wellness into your life. Helping to bridge clients to right action choices within their daily life activities. We welcome you to explore session options below.


Select an 1 Hour or 2 Hour remote or on-site service time. Shamanism is a spiritual practice that involves a practitioner who is believed to interact with a spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance. The goal of this is usually to direct these spiritual energies into the physical world, for healing, divination or another purpose. First Suzanne will conduct this Journey with your objectives in mind, then connects directly with you to provide Journey content & discussion. This remote Session is ideal for folks that prefer to receive the Journey information telephonically or by zoom. It’s been a popular one. 

Typical Appointments fall on Sunday/Monday 1:00pm - 6:00pm and Tuesday - Saturday from 10:00am - 6:00pm  💜  If an alternative day or time is ever needed OR have GIFT CERTIFICATE Redemption please click “Book Online” to redeem/schedule session under same heading. Questions? Just message Suzanne directly @ 757-620-4766👍


A Little More About Suzanne 

Suzanne grew up in a “medical” household. She first began her inquiring for the nature of reality and healing in 1990’s. At the time, she was working within the healthcare industry and was introduced to the Edgar Cayce’s “Search for God” group. This led her to a multi year exploration of several important and ancient Energy Healing Modalities. Suzanne’s intention at One11 Energy Healing is to help clients step out of their comfort zone and find courage to listen to their inner selves. All ancient healing arts teach us to be more present in the moment. To Feel Everything And Rise-up. She hopes that her clients experience more joy within each present moment. 
Our Healing Arts Center has something for everyone at all levels. Questions? Click buttons for my contact information. More “Praise” from other clients about their Energy Healing session below...




"As if the setting wasn't peaceful and healing enough with its serene lighting and organic smells, Suzanne's ability to focus in on my deepest need at that moment in time facilitated the healing of years of suppressed emotion. Thank you for guiding me in that release which enabled me to get that much closer to my true essence and The I AM "

Christine DeBastiani, Domestic Violence Crisis Manager 


“It was a relaxing soothing hour time out of self care. I highly recommend”

Nancy Orr


Suzanne’s ability to focus on my deepest need at the moment-was impeccable. Not only was the location ideal but the whole setting was warm and inviting. I had never been for a session before for any healing arts session and Suzanne was so patient with all of my questions. I can not wait to go back for another session. A bridge to peacefulness…


Julie Hashagen

Artist and Business Owner


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